Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rain, Puddles and Dancing me..

         Like every morning, I was jogging in the park. The thick layers of trees and the twisted sand-gravel path gives it forest like look. I could feel the bead of sweat making their way through my curls and my cheeks getting hotter and redder. Then I felt cold water drops on my shoulder. I looked up towards sky, the shapelessly shaped clouds started showering water. I know peacocks dance in rain, so without thinking twice turned I for an extra round in hope to see one. Little did I knew, it wasn't going to end just in smooth drizzle. The heavy rain shower started. I was getting wet. I could hear the peacocks but finding them in this rain wasn't possible. Still it was so much fun that I continued with my jog. Sweat hot me being washed by cold fresh rain. The path was now filled with puddles. The sky started giving thunder calls and then it was raining heavily. I was wet from head to toe. My curls were damp and I had to half shut my eyes to be able to see through. Now the road to home turned into a low depth river. I was already so wet that I didn't care about stepping into puddles. I was jumping and dancing in the empty roads with water puddles scattered like nuts in cookies. Some people in shade might have thought I'm crazy to be in such heavy rain, but they had no idea about the fun. It felt so good that I'm not sure whether I can get enough words to explain that..... 


  1. Whosoever wud have thought u to be crazy for dancing in d rain wud himself have been d mostcraziest!! I mean how can someone miss out dancing in d rain. I remember I always used 2 bunk my tution classes but when it rained I always went:D

    1. isn't it awesome how rain comes with so many memories :) !


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