Monday, 8 June 2015

The Unnoticed Path with Twist !

She is travelling, from one place to another (twist: place is metaphor)
Pressing on the accelerator..the speed.. the thrill, she loves it (twist: but she does't know the route)
From green to yellow to red,
Traffic signal.
She stops, looks at time...oh no! she'll get late. (twist: she looks out the window)

She felt like time stopped for a minute. Everyone around her is moving, too busy to notice the new observer. Her eye scans the chaos. From those disappointed faces staring at red light to the hopeful ones asking her too buy those red roses, and then stops on the boy, sitting at the corner of pavement, age seven or eight, shabby clothes and broken toy car in hand. (twist: another observer)

He looks up at the new observer. She finds her lips curling into a smile, and the smile is returned. (twist: green light).

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