Tuesday 10 November 2015

Mystery Of Early Morn

I don't want to give her a face
The one who writes in hazy days

Let her be the imaginary form
Residing in clouds of early morn

She may look like a regular being
But inside her lies the mysterious teen
The one who is a lot more
Than the waves hitting water shore

If you think, you know her well
Its all illusion, I can tell.

She is an enigma
Larger than artist's imagination
Bigger than God's creation
Twister than writer's plot
The one with never-ending train of thought

Like an open book she stands
Lets you read the page she wants
You don't get to choose
Reading the whole is against rules

She remains a mystery
Even to herself
Some pages are blank
To be filled by an elf

Will ever come a day
When the my
stery will unlock
Will ever stars shine
In early morn?

Friday 14 August 2015


It has been over an year since I have joined college. And it would be unfair not to dedicate a post to this new phase.


Obviously it begins with the stationary shopping. You end up having so many things that you are clueless and curious at the same time. In a month, you become a pro with all instruments, parallel bar and set squares. And that is when the real exploration begins. You realise architecture is much wider and deeper than you assumed it to be.

The real deal starts with the assignments, the number of which increases day by day. Sleep becomes the long lost friend. And you become the group of strange kids roaming and measuring random
places. More like being caught up in a cycle of:


Though the time appears to pass in the cycle of assignments and the term architecture changes to archiTORTURE, one can't really deny that it is fun too. Travelling, exploring, the college trips, everything.

If you have the passion for it, no matter how many times you complain about assignments or your designs get rejected, your love for architecture just grows day by day.

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Who Punishes God?

"God will punish the thief" explained her sister. 
The little girl believed her sister's words. 
Years passed and now she's eighteen.
Big enough to know the thief who stole her sister.
But still small to know who punishes God. 

(dedicated to my lovely sister)

Monday 8 June 2015

The Unnoticed Path with Twist !

She is travelling, from one place to another (twist: place is metaphor)
Pressing on the accelerator..the speed.. the thrill, she loves it (twist: but she does't know the route)
From green to yellow to red,
Traffic signal.
She stops, looks at time...oh no! she'll get late. (twist: she looks out the window)

She felt like time stopped for a minute. Everyone around her is moving, too busy to notice the new observer. Her eye scans the chaos. From those disappointed faces staring at red light to the hopeful ones asking her too buy those red roses, and then stops on the boy, sitting at the corner of pavement, age seven or eight, shabby clothes and broken toy car in hand. (twist: another observer)

He looks up at the new observer. She finds her lips curling into a smile, and the smile is returned. (twist: green light).

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Letter to my 17 year old self

(Image Courtesy: Google )

The girl who's waiting for this!

Hey! The first thing I want you to know is, life's gonna be good! Yes, I know it's hard to believe.With all these board and entrance exams, pressure to get in a good college, and the depressing ranks, I know those college dreams feel distant. Don't be scared to dream. Don't listen to the teacher who doubts your capabilities, or the neighbourhood aunty who's genius son cleared all the entrances, or any other person who thinks he knows what you are going through. It's really not a big deal. Many people will tell you that these few months will decide your whole future, but life doesn't work that way. So quit worrying and over-thinking and stick to your "don't judge me on scores, about me there is so much more' quote. Explore the blogging world and the new fandom you joined. Do crazy, silly things to laugh about it later. Let others judge, don't listen to anyone but your heart.

You know you don't want to be an engineer, doctor or statistician, so why bother about the results. You are already torturing yourself with the 20 entrances exams because others suggested its good to have backup plans. Now stop listening to others. Focus on your dream, no more second thoughts. Yes, you'll get into architecture, but as you already know, life never goes as per plan. So enjoy the surprise, life has for you and these months will soon pass. Nobody cares about marks or ranks. After a year, even you won't remember it.
 And all the best! (coz I know you like to hear this)

Your adorable future-self
18-year-old ME! 

Monday 23 February 2015

When Heart Remembers...

(Image Courtesy: Google)

After 20 years, they met again in school reunion. 
The time changed many things. 
Their friendship now felt like history.
But when he looked into her eyes, all the differences were forgotten. 
Because when heart remembers, its hard for mind to forget!

Saturday 21 February 2015

The Best Disguise

I remember the date, 2nd November, 2013.
My mood was weird. For some unknown reason I was irritated! 
I wanted to do something, but had no clue what.
In front of me was  my laptop and random websites in 'bookmarks' list.
I had nothing in mind, but after an hour I had my first ever blog and a pen name.
(Not much philosophy behind the name.)

Little did I knew that time that it'll turn out to be one of the best things I did for myself.

Once blog was there, what next?
This is when a new character comes in, Juhi Roy aka Jaded Rebel. In a way it was under her influence I actually stated with writing.

Being CRIMSON CURLS, is like being a totally new person, it gives me a different kind of freedom. From weird teenage mood swings, scary boards, never ending entrance exams, getting into college and the life thereafter, its is like a self made friend always by my side.
The things I can't say out loud, Crimson Curls can.
With time it became the fun and my own little secret (before my sister and then my parents discovered it). Not that it altered anything, but yeah it did make me more conscious.

So like a nomad I traveled from

and from poems to short notes, articles and fictions. 

Not that I have stopped writing poems, its just I've spread my wings to try a new routes.
Its not that taking up the pen name gives me two personalities.
Crimson Curls is not a mask, rather it is what is behind an invisible mask that we all wear.

No doubt it is and will always be THE BEST DISGUISE.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Saturday 3 January 2015

A Break

With time dried the joy
Of things I used to enjoy
Maybe, all I need is a break
And something to start fresh!

its a part of Five Sentence Fiction on "Fresh"

Friday 14 November 2014

Passion Won !

They said its risky; they said its tough.
They highlighted the struggles, they warned about foggy future.
In spite of all, she took the flight and landed to the new found world. 
Now she travels and designs life, not caring about the sleepless nights.
This is how passion won above all the hurdles! 

its a part of Five Sentence Fiction on "Flight"

Thursday 9 October 2014

Growing Up !

Sometimes i look at light
Letting my eyes burn from the bright 
Soaking some of its shine 
Carelessly I lose mine!

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