Thursday, 29 May 2014

When I'm the One Drowning Myself, How Can I Blame The Water !

In the last article : "Don't Judge Me On Score, About Me There Is So Much More"

I focused on how asking for results on result day and judging them on scores is unfair and depressing from student's point of view. 

Today, a saw another prospective of the same. When I say "DON'T JUDGE ME ON SCORES" , why do i have a fear to be judged on score. Am I losing faith in the second line "ABOUT ME THERE IS SO MUCH MORE"? 

My brain answered, this happens when one is so much lost in living up to others expectations that they overlook their own. 

Is it the fact that I stated living in hope to make others happy, and somewhere, somehow started losing my own happiness? When on one side I'm so rebellious about breaking the common stereotypical norms of career choice and doing something different, why do I care for not being excellent in something I don't really want to do? 

On one side I'm criticizing the benchmark of 90+% , then why really am I so sad for not crossing that benchmark? Why do I care? 

Maybe because living so long in this society where scores are the 'status symbol' my thinking got influenced by their point of view. But the fact is I'm always the different one. My scores aren't bad and any increase in score isn't really going to help me for my own set aim. The day I felt being all-rounder was the best, I failed to realize that, to reach heights one has to rise from one corner, being sphere never really makes you stable or high!

So now, when I am awakened, I should leave every comment and judgement behind and speed up to chase my dream. Because maybe all this time what I was doing was drowning myself in sea of other's expectations and blaming them for expecting! 

Thus, I in some way contradicted my own last article !

Moral -Shift in perspective can show you multiple sides of a one dimensional subject.  

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Don't Judge Me On Scores, About Me There Is So Much More !

Spicy SaturdayRight now, at this very moment I want to scream out loud
"I'm not here for you to scale me on marks" !

Where has the time gone when a person was appreciated for the things they are good at. Yes I'm referring to the time when being different was considered the best thing. But now, atleast for students its not the same. If in 12th's board you are not scoring in 90's range of percentage then you are not good for anything. On top of this expectation to score, there is the stereotyped theory of science kid going for engineering, and if you have bio then for sure doctor. Commerce equals to C.A and humanities mostly would end up taking english ! 

But NO, this is not how it works. I have taken science with bio and I don't want to be doctor or engineer. So please stop giving me those pity looks for not clearing engineering or medical entrances! I don't want to do that. I have my plan of MY OWN LIFE, and i'm not really looking for your judgement. Thanks for your concern, but no thanks I really don't need that ! If you can't support and understand, don't try to make it harder for me.

For a second, forget my marks. Now let me tell you about myself, I'm a creative girl who loves to draw and sketch and my canvases witness that. I have many blogs with poems, try reading them before reading my report card (that'll give you an idea what i'm going through because of these judgement) , I'm into photography, i take part in debates, and maybe there's much more about me if you shift your zoom out from the figure of marks, you might see.

So, try doing this, for the very first time don't call and ask anyone's marks. If one has scored really good and feel its worth sharing with you, they'll call you. Your over excitement can drown a student in sea of expectation and we'll nobody really taught us how to swim through that. Its a plea! And pass on this phrase :-


Friday, 9 May 2014

Drop Of Water

I'm like a drop of water on flower
That remains on top of soft petal
When others flow down on call of earth
I don't leave my spot at all
Later with time
They see me as diamond bead
Shining uniquely and looking complete
But still I'm pure water inside 
Its just the matter of perspective 
That changed my look from others eye !

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Painting v/s Photography

 Many times the comparison between 'photography' and 'painting' has puzzled me. 

When one can easily click a photograph then why take so much time to paint one? After all the easy thing is always the better. But then why people paint and draw? I like both but still that doesn't answer my question.

It just strike me that there is a big difference. And I guess I found meaning of both too.

PHOTOGRAPHY is capturing a moment which is provided by nature and is possible to exist. It brings to us all the beautiful things which exist and we fail to notice. It proved the beauty lies around us but we fail to see.

PAINTING is capturing an imagination. Imagination has no boundaries, it can one everywhere. So isn't capturing one such imagination worth the time taken to draw one painting. And painting exhibition is in fact a feast of imaginations presented beautifully through medium of colors and art!

So finally i figured out this ☺ !



When I was a kid, my parents told me "be whatever you want to be". I was always free to make a choice for future and they were there to guide me. That day returning from my entrance exam center school I saw a strange scene. It was strange not because its not commonly scene, but for being something I ignored until that day. A child, probably 8 or 9 years old was  washing utensils in a small food stall and his master selling food to school kids. That child was a child labour and inspite of the laws, this was happening in the capital of our country. How shameful is that. When I was given a choice to be what i wish to, why can't that child have such option? I bet if anybody would have given him choice, he would have never selected being a "child labour".
   Its school where we learn and turn literate. Just outside the gate of  one such school a kid is losing his childhood in drought of hard-work and no drop of education is there for rescue! Daily he watches many students entering the school gates, which for him is just a mysterious place. He would never get into that place and his whole life would be a hardship.
  After returning I saw the vegetable boy. He was a 7 year old boy, called as Chotu by everyone and delivers vegetables on his uncle's order to houses in my area. When asked about school, with a shy smile and a tinge of disappointment he said "i don't go to school". A toffee makes him really happy, but I wish he knew the taste of education which would fill his future with sweetness like toffee.
   Here, I feel helpless as I can't do anything. I don't know whether this piece of writing would do any good. But I know one day along with being "whatever I want to", I'll also try to handover this option to these poor kids who are gripped in ropes of poverty and the need to earn has snatched the right of education from them.

#Vote4Children and lets make a difference.
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