Tuesday, 10 June 2014

10 things we do when exam is over !

During exams we postpone every activity and have a big enough list for 'after exams' time. But what we end up doing? Most of the times we hear ourselves saying this :-

1) i have got a lot of things to do..but all i want to do is... nothing" 

2) Lets sleep more...and more....

3) To internet and social networking sites.... "now its boring..but i can't get off it"

4) T.V and movie...with yummy food !! sounds good ? 

5) am i gaining weight?? should i work out? but i can't wake up early..sleep is important... lets forget about it ! :P

6) should i go out? naahh!! weather doesn't pleases me enough.

7) i guess i should call others and ask what they are doing.... (we all are same)

8) so finally i got some plans in my mind to use this time properly

9) wait a min.... break will be over soon

10) why don't i get enough holidays -_- !


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