Saturday, 28 June 2014

A dream trap

Its Palak's b'day today (my best friend) and I'm already late for the party. I was so absorbed in watching Cam's new video, I totally lost track of time. Now I'm really rushing. I see the elevator door is about to close and I don't have time to wait. So I just run and bang! I'm in ! I press the button "6". At first I didn't notice the other person, so I turned to take a look. 
    Oh my god! Am I dreaming. Please pinch me. Is it true?? Cameron Dallas is over here, in my city, and we both are in the same elevator. I'm so thrilled. I know staring is weird, but I can't really help it. My excitement level is shooting up like a rocket. Then I hear myself saying in a strange, quaky voice "Cam?! you are here?? In India !!". I feel out of breath. I instruct myself to be calm. I take a deep breath as his lips curve into a smile. The smile that just makes my heart swell. Then he says "yeah!". 
    "beeeeeeeeppp!! teeeppp"
 What was that sound? Oh god, elevator isn't moving. I'm trapped in an elevator with Cameron Dallas. What else can one ask for. But I can feel it, I'm panicked. I always have this strange fear from elevators. And now which should be an awesome moment, all I'm doing is freaking out. I can sense the same is the case with him.
  Next thing I hear is a machine voice saying "I request you not to panic as were fixing the problem and it won't be long. Sorry for inconvenience" 
  I look at him, he takes a sigh. All these years I have dreamed of meeting him and now when its actually happening I don't know what to say. What is wrong with me?
  I start "You know what, every Wednesday I tried #CallMeCam but never got your call (yes he calls his fans every wednesday) and I have tweeted you tons of times...but they get lost in other billion tweets! I have longed to go to your MAGCON tour, but it was out of my reach..". 
   When I don't know what to say, I start blabbering and I'm doing the same. I'm not here to complain and stuff. Oh no! what am I saying. 
 Then he looked at me, his warm eyes just make me stare at him more. And said "I'm really sorry for that, but don't you think being trapped in elevator with me is better than MAGCON?" with a smirk. I caught myself smiling. Then we talked about so many things. I felt like I already know this person. We discussed his vines and videos, his friends, the trip and how Nash (his friend) dared him to visit a random country & he ended up here. It was so like a dream that I never want to wake up. Then after 10 minutes (which felt like 2 mins) the elevator started working. So I quickly requested for a selfie with him. Then I reached my floor and he hugged me before we parted. I was literally shaking out of excitement. 
    I know I'm really late for Palak's party, but I also know she would understand. She knows how his videos made my laugh in hard times and he's the one who taught me "being weird and different is the best thing" !! 
I'm still thrilled. 
Sometimes being trapped feels like being in new world worth to explore. 

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  1. Seeing ur crazyness towards cam I seriously!! Hope someday u do end up getting stuck in the elevator with him:P such a heartfelt post yaar!

    1. thanks Juhi :) even i hope this comes true someday! ;)

  2. Very heartfelt and cute. I echo the above comment! I hope someday this does come true! :)

  3. Delightful. I loove such craziness of being stuck with him in the elevator. So much fun:)

    1. imagining the whole while writing this was also delightful & fun :) !

  4. A quintet of Radiance award for you :) Please follow this link for details

  5. Whoa! Cool one, Crimson! What fun getting trapped :)


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