Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Its Hard & Always Be

(novels have great influence on me, here's a poem i'm dedicating to Tris (after she's gone) in Tobais's voice, Divergent Triology) 

I was never ready to leave your hand

Lose you in the hazy sand
Part away from those pearly eyes
And live the life after your demise

Last thing you said to me
"I never want to leave"
I know and believe
In those words left with me & my grief

I wish it was all a lie
I could take you back
From the cruel time

Each memory, each touch
I hold like a gem
In hope maybe
I could relive them.

You appeared fragile 
Still strong for sacrifice
I thought I was strong
Now I know, I was wrong.

Along with you, I lost my strength
And now this emptiness 
Resides inside like a swallowing well
I try to coat sadness with a smile
But lonely is what I'm all this while

And now I won't lie
Without you its hard
And always be ! 


  1. That's a good one! I'm yet to read the book though..

    1. sorry for spoiler, but it really hurts when after 3 parts..finally when everything seems to get better..the main character dies :'( !

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