Thursday, 31 July 2014

A random idea

I was in car, the traffic light stopped me with its red flash smile. But my mind kept wandering. From clothes of beggars, fancy big buildings to big promotional boards, I was looking at everything. (Being architecture student I'm working on my observation skills :P )
   Out of nowhere came an idea. My brain functions this way only, it manufactures weird ideas when they are least required. Unlike other ideas, I don't want it to fade away with time. So I'll share it with you all.
   Beggars and poor people need clothes, right? And big companies look for different ways of promotion. So if the companies provide them with clothes printed with promotional phrases and logos, it would serve both the purposes pretty well.
I guess this might work, I would love to read your views on this production of my weird brain :) so comment what you feel about it ! 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Adorable Ghonchus !!

You could always spot them together in school, the three adorable, silly girls.
Now it was time for college and also the time for them to walk on a new and different path.
In the trip to explore new world, they were alone yet connected in a unique way.
 Before the final good bye, it was time for the usual ice-cream.
 But this time they had a new company of rain and so it magically turned much fun than usual.

(p.s- its not all fiction ;) )

it's part of 5 sentence fiction on prompt rain

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

P.S- Don't read this, its bakwas !

Last few months I have spent juggling with board exams and entrances. It was horrible, the exam and studies and people asking 'whats your plan now?'! To be honest I hated that question. Being in a phase where you barely have any clue where your life is going, this question makes you feel more drowned. But thankfully its over now.
 And the hardest part to believe is I have already spent one month without any tension, celebrating and doing nothing. The exam marathon felt like a slow motion horror movie and the time after it was over was more like riding those futuristic cars in maximum possible speed.
 So from tomorrow my college is starting,
1st thing- I still can't believe I'll be a college student now, neither I look like one
2nd - I feel I deserved much longer break after entrances
3rd- I don't know what I'm going to wear
4th- I'm asking every random person about their 1st day college experience (please share in comments)
5th- How to make new friends? (I'm really bad at it)
6th- I'm excited, nervous and clueless at the same time
7th- I have no idea why I'm writing this meaning-less blog post
8th-And thanks for wasting your time reading this.

(P.S- I'm not this crazy always (though most of the times I'm)...and don't blame me, I warned you)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Can I skip school today?

Admiring the cotton like blanket of clouds covering the sky, she kept thinking about the last week. Her life changed in the blink of an eye. It feels like yesterday when she was in the city, happily celebrating her seventh birthday with her parents and friends. But now, as her parents separated, she had to move to the country side with her mother. She misses everything and specially her father. She was raised like a princess, but now is being bullied by her new classmates. Going to school haunts her and she doesn't like the idea of adding on more worries to her mother's life. The little girl sobs and fights everyday, she's too weak to end the 'game of entertainment' (bullying) all by herself.
  When the rain drops start making its way towards earth, with a sigh and weak smile she asks her mother "Can I skip school today?". 

this post is a part of Friday Fictioneers on attached pic prompt.

Life shows me miracle everyday

Her tears wet the pages as she read her mother's journal. 
With each sentence a sweet and sour memory floated infront of her eyes, tickling her and at the same time pinching her heart with pain. 
After the devil disease took away her mother, all she was left with was this journal and so many memories. 
It was hard without her, she never felt this empty. 
And with a sigh she read out the words written at the back "life shows me miracle everyday", waiting for some miracle to happen...

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fall for...

I used to think
I fall for those mysterious eyes
But seems like its
The innocent smile
Which melts my heart
Like ice on hand
And tickles my thoughts
Like soft feathers do ! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Be Yourself & Let Others too !

BE YOURSELF! Its something we hear most of the people say and almost every thoughts column includes this point. But the point is not how being yourself and not caring about others opinion is ideally the best mantra of life. Rather the question is why on the first hand we started losing ourselves. We are all different and it has never bothered any of us when we were kids. What exactly happened in this complicated process known as "growing up"?

Lets start from the time when school life starts. A child is expected to score high and be genius like Newton & Einstein, excel in sports like famous sports person and be creative in art like Picasso. Similarly for every other field we have an idol and the tagline 'be like him/her'. Now talk about 'being yourself'! If we are good at one thing then rather than following others  footsteps, the point is to do the same in original and different way. Isn't that whats 'being different' is?

As we grow more in age a typical thing enters inside us. We start judging people. And the process of making friends and interacting with others becomes complicated. We go like 'she is so different, I can barely stand her', 'she's weird', 'i have zero tolerance for irritating people', 'she's so loud' and blah blah blah.!

Its not just about 'being yourself'. Its about accepting people as they are. If you have firm belief in the phrase 'be yourself', then have an equal belief in 'accepting people as they are' ! 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Quintet of Radiance Award

 First of all I would like to thank my blogger mates SwathiAathira and Shilpa for nominating me for Quintet of Radiance Award.  :)

The rules:-

1. Display the logo in a post
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you & link back
3. Using the alphabets, describe yourself in a word or phrase
4. Nominate at least a few bloggers

Describing myself :-

A : Architect (better to call it Aspiring Architect)
B :  Better-than-before (i guess so :P :P )
C : Creative
D : Dreamer
E : Extra-ordinary 
F : Fangirl (yes i now add that to my description too) :P
G: Grand (after reading TFIOS, i'm always grand)
H: Hopeful (i never lose hope.. NEVER) 
I : Innovative 
J :Just
K: Kind
L :Lovable
M:Mysterious (as I always say, I'm much more than you can ever see)
N:Noteworthy ;) :P
P :Polite 
Q:Quiet (for all those people who don't know me well: for rest i'm a chatter box :P)
R: Rarely found species (i bet you can't find another person like me) 
S: Sweet (that is what most people say0
Twisted (my thoughts are twisted)
X:Xylem (no i don't transport water in plants...i just had no other word in mind :P :P)
Y:Young & crazy :P :P 

I nominate the following people for this award :-

congratulation !! :)

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