Friday, 4 July 2014

Quintet of Radiance Award

 First of all I would like to thank my blogger mates SwathiAathira and Shilpa for nominating me for Quintet of Radiance Award.  :)

The rules:-

1. Display the logo in a post
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you & link back
3. Using the alphabets, describe yourself in a word or phrase
4. Nominate at least a few bloggers

Describing myself :-

A : Architect (better to call it Aspiring Architect)
B :  Better-than-before (i guess so :P :P )
C : Creative
D : Dreamer
E : Extra-ordinary 
F : Fangirl (yes i now add that to my description too) :P
G: Grand (after reading TFIOS, i'm always grand)
H: Hopeful (i never lose hope.. NEVER) 
I : Innovative 
J :Just
K: Kind
L :Lovable
M:Mysterious (as I always say, I'm much more than you can ever see)
N:Noteworthy ;) :P
P :Polite 
Q:Quiet (for all those people who don't know me well: for rest i'm a chatter box :P)
R: Rarely found species (i bet you can't find another person like me) 
S: Sweet (that is what most people say0
Twisted (my thoughts are twisted)
X:Xylem (no i don't transport water in plants...i just had no other word in mind :P :P)
Y:Young & crazy :P :P 

I nominate the following people for this award :-

congratulation !! :)


  1. Thank u crimson:D and congrats 2 u too! Btw u r hilarious that xylem wala was sooo funny:P

    1. you deserve it Juhi ! :) and being bio student did some good to me :P :P (xylem) !!

  2. Thankyou, Crimson! This was a big surprise :)
    Nevertheless, I am really grateful. Love.

    1. no need to thank me... you deserved this :) !
      (p.s- i like to surprise people ;) )

  3. Thank you so much! :) I'm very thrilled because of this!

    You deserve it too and I loved reading about you! :)

  4. It was fun reading the a-z about you :) Xylem really?LOL :D
    congratulations once again to the rare species ;)


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