Sunday, 6 July 2014

Be Yourself & Let Others too !

BE YOURSELF! Its something we hear most of the people say and almost every thoughts column includes this point. But the point is not how being yourself and not caring about others opinion is ideally the best mantra of life. Rather the question is why on the first hand we started losing ourselves. We are all different and it has never bothered any of us when we were kids. What exactly happened in this complicated process known as "growing up"?

Lets start from the time when school life starts. A child is expected to score high and be genius like Newton & Einstein, excel in sports like famous sports person and be creative in art like Picasso. Similarly for every other field we have an idol and the tagline 'be like him/her'. Now talk about 'being yourself'! If we are good at one thing then rather than following others  footsteps, the point is to do the same in original and different way. Isn't that whats 'being different' is?

As we grow more in age a typical thing enters inside us. We start judging people. And the process of making friends and interacting with others becomes complicated. We go like 'she is so different, I can barely stand her', 'she's weird', 'i have zero tolerance for irritating people', 'she's so loud' and blah blah blah.!

Its not just about 'being yourself'. Its about accepting people as they are. If you have firm belief in the phrase 'be yourself', then have an equal belief in 'accepting people as they are' ! 


  1. I like how u have laid emphasis on the fact that accepting others is as much important as being yourself, as most of the time we are taught only one part of this!! :D double thumbs up for the fab idea

  2. The world would be a much better if we stop judging people. At the same time, you should always stand up for yourself too. Good one, Crimson curls :)


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