Thursday, 31 July 2014

A random idea

I was in car, the traffic light stopped me with its red flash smile. But my mind kept wandering. From clothes of beggars, fancy big buildings to big promotional boards, I was looking at everything. (Being architecture student I'm working on my observation skills :P )
   Out of nowhere came an idea. My brain functions this way only, it manufactures weird ideas when they are least required. Unlike other ideas, I don't want it to fade away with time. So I'll share it with you all.
   Beggars and poor people need clothes, right? And big companies look for different ways of promotion. So if the companies provide them with clothes printed with promotional phrases and logos, it would serve both the purposes pretty well.
I guess this might work, I would love to read your views on this production of my weird brain :) so comment what you feel about it ! 


  1. I kinda like d idea:D wait for d day when we see promotional banners imprinted on d clothes of beggar and this wud sere a dual purpose! The beggars nd street urchins can earn money aswell as d brand !! So this was a very unconventional and creative idea of urs

  2. Super idea :)
    Hope it is implemented!

  3. Super idea but thats the problem, Brand andcompanies want only beautiful faces and fit rich bodies to promote them. If everyone could think your way. How lovely :)


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