Tuesday, 15 July 2014

P.S- Don't read this, its bakwas !

Last few months I have spent juggling with board exams and entrances. It was horrible, the exam and studies and people asking 'whats your plan now?'! To be honest I hated that question. Being in a phase where you barely have any clue where your life is going, this question makes you feel more drowned. But thankfully its over now.
 And the hardest part to believe is I have already spent one month without any tension, celebrating and doing nothing. The exam marathon felt like a slow motion horror movie and the time after it was over was more like riding those futuristic cars in maximum possible speed.
 So from tomorrow my college is starting,
1st thing- I still can't believe I'll be a college student now, neither I look like one
2nd - I feel I deserved much longer break after entrances
3rd- I don't know what I'm going to wear
4th- I'm asking every random person about their 1st day college experience (please share in comments)
5th- How to make new friends? (I'm really bad at it)
6th- I'm excited, nervous and clueless at the same time
7th- I have no idea why I'm writing this meaning-less blog post
8th-And thanks for wasting your time reading this.

(P.S- I'm not this crazy always (though most of the times I'm)...and don't blame me, I warned you)


  1. damn!! even i was planning to write something about college!!. :P :P
    so lemme give u a detailed analysis of all d points that ya mentioned
    pt 1: for me u will always look like an adorable bhalu so why risk ben a clg student :P :P
    pt 2: given that u had appeared for all d entrances d human kind has ever known, u surely deserve a loooong vacation
    pt 3: wear what u r most comfy in. just be urself and ppl will love u for that
    pt 4: cnt help u on this one
    pt 5: i believe u willl make many " ghonchu" friends in ur clg :D :D
    pt 6: do some ramdev exercise :P :P
    pt 7: if ur post is meaningless then god bless me, who is writing such a looong comment
    pt 8: i am always there 4 u :P
    and thanks for reading this totallly faltu comment of mine, god bless ur curious soul!!!

    1. your comment brought the biggest possible smile on my face topped with dimples :D :D !!
      and your loooooggg comment is soooooooooo meaningful for me !! :D :D

    2. Hey hi
      Look I commented after 1 long year , just to show you how insignificant your fears were. You really love your college , dont cha? And here you were thinking about the first dreadful day. I would love to read something about your college life :) ( although I know most of it or .. in parts, I presume)

    3. thanks Juhi for the comment...i re-read this post. This one year of college was like a long drive in new world. Now that you have mentioned it, I'll write a blog post dedicated to college life soon :D

  2. Crimson curls, when I saw the heading of this post I knew I had to read it :) Good luck to you on your first day. Don't worry, you will be fine. I'm sure you are going to make some amazing friends :)

    1. thanks a lot for the wishes :) !! tomorrow is still a mystery ;)

  3. Write everything that comes to your mind. You will feel awesome, believe me :)

    No, this was not bakwas!

  4. College time is really of chaos!! Specially the first day :P and when you dont know a single person.. Tadaa... Awkward!!! Mine was much the same.. And clothes of course is one hell of a problem! Because i do need to look cool n chic on the first day and make sure i leave impressions :) :D
    Its a phase everyone goes through and all your feelings are pretty mutual i assure u.. Meaning to say you are not alone :P
    P.S all of us think of our thoughts as bakwaas! Even though they're not! :P but this ones true and most of us can connect! ;)


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