Sunday, 3 August 2014

Its filmy & Its all His fault

Its 11pm and I'm sitting on a roadside bench, all alone. In this silence, my breath sound like crashing waves and I can still feel the tears on my cheek. In last fifteen minutes all I did still appears to me. And its all his fault.
All this started three months ago. I joined this new office and it was my first day. I was a little nervous, a little confused and at the same time excited too. In one way it was like a dream coming true. I was staring around in the corridor, searching for my room and still felt like being in dream. I was so happy and so absorbed in my own world that it took me a crash to come out of it. By crash all I mean is, this tall guy, with the cutest possible smile and dreamy eyes was in so much hurry that he ignored my presence and we clashed. All my papers flew in random directions, he had just one file in his hand, which landed safely in between us. Before my rational mind could come up with any reaction, the dreamer one thought how filmy all this was. Like a typical movie I was hoping he would help me picking and arranging my files, just like movies. My whole dreaming drowned in water when he splashed comment
"Why were you standing in the middle of my way?"
Huh? His way? He doesn't own the place and it was his fault, not mine. He was in hurry not me.
Before I could start with my rebuttal, he left. I stood there with my mouth opened wide. No one can stop me from talking and here this total stranger didn't even gave me a chance to start!
 Later I came to know, his name is Sid Parker and unfortunately he's my boss. What else could be worse, I thought. And the answer didn't took long to come.
Within the first week I realized dreams are way different than reality. Not that I didn't like this new "job-doing" phase of life. It was fun and I felt more free and for a change independent too. But as they say, "life is never easy", and so in my near perfect life my boss was the hitler. Not that he made me work like a donkey, its just I never really got his orders correctly. Like how would I know presentations are supposed to be 'plain and boring', not 'fancy and showy'? If you want the work according to your taste, be specific. Again his fault!
But with time I felt he has other side too. He's really sweet, and I know that from many instances.
   I don't know what I was thinking when I accepted the invitation to his party. It felt the right thing to do. I had no idea that he would do this!
 What he did? Well he proposed me! This freaked the hell out of me, and I ran away from there, literally. And its all his fault.
 Now here I'm, sitting on bench under the magic of street lights and stars. My mind is filled with questions. Why and when this happened? How my bitter boss all of a sudden turned this sweet? Was this real, or some prank? Feels like I'm surrounded by magic, still I refuse to accept its presence.
  I like him since the very first day but was too insecure to confess and his arrogance never encouraged. I know he has helped me so many times, but still there was something that stopped me. I'm a fountain of emotions and its better I stay out here than in there.
  With a sigh I looked towards the sky, and felt the tiny drops of water falling on my red dress. My gaze shifted at the other end of bridge, there he was, running towards me with an umbrella. He slowed down as he reached near. I felt a smile making its way on my face and my eyes started filling with tears. He didn't spoke a words, but I could read his eyes. I don't know how I do it, but I can read him very well. What exactly is going on within me, I can't really explain but its magical and never happened before. And the next thing is I heard myself saying softly "I love you too".
His eyes twinkled and no star can ever beat. He left hold of the umbrella and held me. It is crazy and lovely. I'm feeling so happy that no words can ever explain it fully. We are now dancing in rain. I looked at him and again his smile made me skip a beat, then he whispered "..and it rained that night", repeating the lines of my blog's story.

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  1. This made me feel all mushy mushy inside:P I m sucker for love stories esp these ones and bravo I amiling throughout this post
    ps: do write more fictions in future :) u write them soo well

    1. aww...thanks a lot !!! :) i'll surely write more fictions and i'm so glad you liked this one !! :D

  2. MAGICAAAAAAAAAAL....I feel like having icecream and watching a really romantic movie now.

    1. and reading your comment made me all happy happy :D

  3. Filmy love-story, Crimson :)
    Her boss follows her Blog! That's how he fell in love with her :)

  4. This flowed just like a movie!! It was that beautiful! :)

    1. thanks a lot :) !! this comment really means a lot :D !

  5. Awww the things fairy tales are made of....loved it

  6. Awww... Such a cute love story!

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