Wednesday, 7 May 2014



When I was a kid, my parents told me "be whatever you want to be". I was always free to make a choice for future and they were there to guide me. That day returning from my entrance exam center school I saw a strange scene. It was strange not because its not commonly scene, but for being something I ignored until that day. A child, probably 8 or 9 years old was  washing utensils in a small food stall and his master selling food to school kids. That child was a child labour and inspite of the laws, this was happening in the capital of our country. How shameful is that. When I was given a choice to be what i wish to, why can't that child have such option? I bet if anybody would have given him choice, he would have never selected being a "child labour".
   Its school where we learn and turn literate. Just outside the gate of  one such school a kid is losing his childhood in drought of hard-work and no drop of education is there for rescue! Daily he watches many students entering the school gates, which for him is just a mysterious place. He would never get into that place and his whole life would be a hardship.
  After returning I saw the vegetable boy. He was a 7 year old boy, called as Chotu by everyone and delivers vegetables on his uncle's order to houses in my area. When asked about school, with a shy smile and a tinge of disappointment he said "i don't go to school". A toffee makes him really happy, but I wish he knew the taste of education which would fill his future with sweetness like toffee.
   Here, I feel helpless as I can't do anything. I don't know whether this piece of writing would do any good. But I know one day along with being "whatever I want to", I'll also try to handover this option to these poor kids who are gripped in ropes of poverty and the need to earn has snatched the right of education from them.

#Vote4Children and lets make a difference.

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