Thursday, 29 May 2014

When I'm the One Drowning Myself, How Can I Blame The Water !

In the last article : "Don't Judge Me On Score, About Me There Is So Much More"

I focused on how asking for results on result day and judging them on scores is unfair and depressing from student's point of view. 

Today, a saw another prospective of the same. When I say "DON'T JUDGE ME ON SCORES" , why do i have a fear to be judged on score. Am I losing faith in the second line "ABOUT ME THERE IS SO MUCH MORE"? 

My brain answered, this happens when one is so much lost in living up to others expectations that they overlook their own. 

Is it the fact that I stated living in hope to make others happy, and somewhere, somehow started losing my own happiness? When on one side I'm so rebellious about breaking the common stereotypical norms of career choice and doing something different, why do I care for not being excellent in something I don't really want to do? 

On one side I'm criticizing the benchmark of 90+% , then why really am I so sad for not crossing that benchmark? Why do I care? 

Maybe because living so long in this society where scores are the 'status symbol' my thinking got influenced by their point of view. But the fact is I'm always the different one. My scores aren't bad and any increase in score isn't really going to help me for my own set aim. The day I felt being all-rounder was the best, I failed to realize that, to reach heights one has to rise from one corner, being sphere never really makes you stable or high!

So now, when I am awakened, I should leave every comment and judgement behind and speed up to chase my dream. Because maybe all this time what I was doing was drowning myself in sea of other's expectations and blaming them for expecting! 

Thus, I in some way contradicted my own last article !

Moral -Shift in perspective can show you multiple sides of a one dimensional subject.  


  1. I love this one! Double thumbs up from me and lemme tell u one thing ,many ppl might be getting better than me but i knw i am far better than them in my very own way and so are you
    Here i am quoting a few lines of your poem
    'i dont try to fit in
    Coz i am made to stand out":-)

    1. yes you are far better than many, no doubt in that! and i know people like us are here to leave our own mark, not to follow others footsteps :) !


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