Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Painting v/s Photography

 Many times the comparison between 'photography' and 'painting' has puzzled me. 

When one can easily click a photograph then why take so much time to paint one? After all the easy thing is always the better. But then why people paint and draw? I like both but still that doesn't answer my question.

It just strike me that there is a big difference. And I guess I found meaning of both too.

PHOTOGRAPHY is capturing a moment which is provided by nature and is possible to exist. It brings to us all the beautiful things which exist and we fail to notice. It proved the beauty lies around us but we fail to see.

PAINTING is capturing an imagination. Imagination has no boundaries, it can one everywhere. So isn't capturing one such imagination worth the time taken to draw one painting. And painting exhibition is in fact a feast of imaginations presented beautifully through medium of colors and art!

So finally i figured out this ☺ !

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