Tuesday, 29 April 2014


 I was about to leave the hall after another one of those torturous entrance exams, but then the girl in front desk turned and in a friendly way asked "how was it?" and i made that "not good" expression. And she said "even mine wasn't good'. I have noticed, it makes me really happy to hear such replies. Exams aren't meant to be good everytime and these kind of replies make you feel better and you don't think you are the dumbest person alive. Atleast that is the case with me!

 So we chatted for some time and then i asked her from which school she was. Hearing her reply i said 
"Hey! there are many students from your school in my coaching. Like, there is Nick........"
She cut my sentence and repeated "Nick?"
And i have no i dea what came over me, i just blabbered 
"Yeah! he is sooo irritating and dumb...." and i just continued blabbering.
Then she asked "Full name?"
I replied " Nick Moore*"

And then she looked at me with that amazed-shocked  expression and said

Inside me i was like "wWWwhhhhaaaaaaat ! Shit !! i shouldn't have said that... i shouldn't have "

I had no idea what to say next. But i heard myself saying in a low voice
" Oh! so you are the one, he talks about you a lot"
and waved "bye" !

So moral of the story :- never blabber anything about anyone infront of a stranger ! NEVER!

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